Eyes of the Nine DLC

The eye of Tzeentch turns towards the battlefield, causing arcane energies ot swell.....

Hello lost souls,

Our second official warband DLC is now live! Eyes of the Nine!

As part of our latest update, The Winds of Change, players will also be reciving 12 new universal cards, including 9 gambit spells and 3 objective cards.
We’re excited to be bringing you more magic and another exciting new playstyle, while bringing more Nightvault into Shadespire!


The Eyes of the Nine are a warband of 5 fighters. Their leader – Vortemis the All-seeing – is able to make use of all new spell cards, allowing this warband to use all new never -before-seen effects!

  • The Eyes of the Nine inspire when they successfully make ranged attacks! Keep your distance!
  • All but one unit from this warband are able to attack from up to 3 hexes away!
  • Vortemis the All-seeing is able to summon a Blue Horror, a daemonic manifestation of Chaos magic that once taken out reforms as the flaming Brimstone Horrors to continue fighting.


  • You’re able to use your ranged attacks to your advantage – don’t be afraid to hold back until you’ve taken out your opponents most dangerous fighter.
  • Be sure to stack your deck with spells and spell-based objectives, then make sure you keep Vortemis safe so he can continue to cast them!
  • Summoning the Blue Horror can be a great offensive strategy, but it can also be used as an incredible diversion. Force your opponent to take action!

You can check out Eyes of the Nine here.

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