Fourth Warband Confirmed

Ironskull's Boyz come crashing in

Roaring praises to the twin gods Gork and Mork, Gurzag leads his boys in an all-out assault!

  • Join the crash and crunch of battle with Gurzag Ironskull and his lads: Bonekutta, Basha and Hakka.
  • Each fighter becomes Inspired once they are wounded🩸🩸🩸, so they thrive where the fighting is thickest.
  • The Ironjawz may lack mobility and sheer weight of numbers, but each fighter is a serious close combat threat, and with the kunnin’ use of ploys and upgrades Gurzag and his boyz become truly formidable.

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What self-respecting orruk would decline an endless cycle of violence and bloodshed?