Universal Card Release 03

Hello players!

Our third Universal Card Update is here! You’ll be getting 21 new cards to add to your decks.

All you need to do is update and launch your game! There you will be presented with a Universal Card Pack, which when clicked, will gift you with the cards, straight into your deck builder. You’ll also be able to see the list of new cards on our Bulletin Board in the start menu screen.

Check out the list of cards:

Card Showcase


For those decks that are filled with ‘Score Immediately’ objectives cards, this addition is the cherry on top as you watch that Glory fly in.


Seeking immediate vengeance after having one of your fighters take a wound? My Turn is the card for you. Particularly good when one strike can change the course of the battle.


This upgrade is great for when you can guarantee the survival of one of your fighters at the end of battle. Though, applying this upgrade to your fighter too early could make it a target… which might be what you want.



For more details of our latest patch, click here

Jump in and try out new decks and we’ll see you online.

Steel Sky Productions