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Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release Date

  • 21 Apr 2020



Warhammer Underworlds: Online offers high-stakes, turn-based strategy that pits mighty warbands against one another in an eternal player-versus-player battle for Glory in the realms of the Age of Sigmar. The streamlined fighter count of Warhammer Underworlds: Online makes it both easy to grasp and quick to play, while its dice-and-cards mechanics offer boundless strategic depth. Choose a warband, build your decks, roll the dice, and carve a path to victory.


Steel Sky Productions has partnered with Games Workshop to produce Warhammer Underworlds: Online, a digital conversion of the popular Warhammer Underworlds – the Ultimate Competitive Miniatures Game franchise. The tabletop title has been growing in popularity since its launch in October 2017. The franchise has released three major instalment boxed sets (Shadespire, Nightvault, and Beastgrave) and more than a dozen Warband expansion packs so far, and with a thriving community and tournament scene, the game shows no signs of slowing down. The game’s deckbuilding elements enable a high level of strategy, while the short game time (30-60 minutes) makes it a great option for fans of both miniatures wargames and board games.


  • High-stakes, turn-based battles offer boundless tactical depth
  • Easy to grasp and quick to play
  • Features a great range of tactically varied warbands
  • Premium PC title with no hidden costs
  • Continuous, free card releases for all players
  • Choose a warband, build power and objective decks, roll the dice and carve a path to victory
  • Takes places in the exciting new realms of the Age of Sigmar universe



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Selected Articles

  • Warhammer Underworlds: Online is a faithful recreation of Games Workshop's best competitive tabletop game
    - Tom Senior, PC Gamer
  • Is Warhammer Underworlds Online A Faithful Recreation? Spoiler. Yes. Yes It Is.
    - Adam Potts, Tech Raptor
  • ...faithfully recreating the mash-up of deckbuilding and dice-chucking that powered the tabletop games.
    - Matt Jarvis, Tabletop Gaming
  • If there are two now-universal constants in PC games, it’s Warhammer and board game adaptations, and Warhammer Underworlds: Online is both.
    - Dominic Tarason, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • It's turn-based, but expect it to be be quicker than Age of Sigmar, where you've got a whole army to command. Developer Steel Sky Productions says the focus on deckbuilding means that there's plenty of high-level strategy even though the matches are brisk.
    - Fraser Brown, PC Gamer
  • Warhammer Underworlds: Online will be a faithful adaptation of the tabletop system
    - Charlie Hall, Polygon

About Steel Sky Productions

Steel Sky Productions is a spirited team of developers who love working hard to produce dynamic and compelling digital boardgames. We pride ourselves on developing games that deliver on strategy and tactics, while giving you something amazing to look at and listen to. Please direct all press enquiries to


  • Neil Rennison
    Creative Director
  • Nik Pantis
  • Clinton Shepherd
    Technical Lead
  • Edward Blanch
    Art Director
  • Matthew Horton
    Lead Programmer
  • KG Tan
  • Nial Bruce
  • Jennifer Love
    Back-End Programmer
  • Stephanie Everett
    Senior 3D Artist
  • Stephanie Schipper
    3D Artist
  • Ben Swallow
  • Callum Harrington
    Community Manager
  • Shane Collier
    Quality Assurance